Mario Kart DS: Drifting is Life

Day 3 of Mario Kart was the best yet. I stood outside the Nintendo World Store for four (count em, 4) hours in the pouring rain just so my wifi-lacking self could play wifi. It was a good ol’ time. My first race of the day was a weird one versus 3 Yoshis. Felt like Paper Mario all of a sudden. Worldwide continues to be the spot for any race whatsoever, unless you have a hefty friends roster. Regional and Rivals does nothing for me yet, no matches. Regional is supposed to be a nation-wide section, yet no one’s there, and all the racers in Worldwide are American. Go figure. Wifi in general is the greatest thing ever. It’s like going into a chat room and waiting for people to enter randomly. Rarely a long wait.

Then I get home. I Met the one guy on my friends list that I got to race and he bestowed upon me the knowledge for searching for a wireless signal. Good thing he did, cause I picked up a decent signal from an unprotected wireless router somewhere in or near my building. I’ve been online with it ever since, waving my DS around like a maniac to maintain at least 1 bar of strength. In one of the races, I was introduced to the friend icon, which flashes above the wifi signal icon even during a race to let you know one of your friends is online. Best feature ever, which lead me to the best non-race ever. At 6:27 am I was still going at it. The heck with the dongle, I’m officially jacked in. You know where to find me, peeps. Rollin + Infendo emblem = rockin’ your face.


  1. You hear the WiFi ‘opponent finder’ sound echoing in your ears, even if you’re not playing your DS.

    We see vital signs similar to yours all the time, on someone who’s jacked in [to mkds-WiFi]. But, your not jacked in Rollin…

  2. Animal Crossing can not come any quicker….

    If Mario Kart DS says anything about the future of Nintendo: The future is bright and wireless…lol.

  3. hm. i don’t get it. wasn’t jim merrick talking about a built-in chat feature into MKDS?

  4. That was a mistranslation, Anon.

  5. ah 🙂 now i can sleep again 😉

    thanks, anyway!

  6. The wireless router didn’t work

  7. Man, I wish I had a DS like all the cool kids. Curse you non-backlit gba!

  8. Man, I remeber tryign to play on the GBA. I had a snake light that was real awesome at making a glare.

    SP’s are pretty cheap. I will probably get a BRIGHTER SCREEN version.

  9. Just a note: Since the friends system on wifi aint so great, i’m not gonna save any of your codes. So if ur looking for me in ur friend search, stop. I’ll be in any of the other searches. Except rivals, if you suck ;).

  10. You know what, eff that. Gimme ur codes, damnit.

  11. Rollin / Blake – whomever –

    You should make an infendo post that’s only about friend codes – let people comment and post their code and each time that someone comments, you can modify the main post and add that users name to we can make an entire list of users to battle (not that there’s any shortage of players) but it would be fun.

    Blake – I hear you’ll be online soon?

    I’ll start it – my friend code is in my Blogger profile – Just click on my name here and you’ll see it.

  12. Damnit, man. I was planning that. Way to give it away, K. *sarcastic applause*

  13. Prawn sed-“Yo, Rollin–bad Internet connection or poor sport? 😉 I laid down the whupass for one race and you disappeared!”

    When was this?! What was ur name? Maybe i remember u. Who’d u use and what was ur logo? I never back out of a race, man. Never have. I’m stealing my wifi from someone in the building so my connection can be weak at times. My bad, bro. I woulda boned u in the next 3 tracks! I’ll try to race tonight so watch out for me. Or, if u wanna make this personal, gimme ur code

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