Mario Kart DS: Drifting is Life

Day 3 of Mario Kart was the best yet. I stood outside the Nintendo World Store for four (count em, 4) hours in the pouring rain just so my wifi-lacking self could play wifi. It was a good ol’ time. My first race of the day was a weird one versus 3 Yoshis. Felt like Paper Mario all of a sudden. Worldwide continues to be the spot for any race whatsoever, unless you have a hefty friends roster. Regional and Rivals does nothing for me yet, no matches. Regional is supposed to be a nation-wide section, yet no one’s there, and all the racers in Worldwide are American. Go figure. Wifi in general is the greatest thing ever. It’s like going into a chat room and waiting for people to enter randomly. Rarely a long wait.

Then I get home. I Met the one guy on my friends list that I got to race and he bestowed upon me the knowledge for searching for a wireless signal. Good thing he did, cause I picked up a decent signal from an unprotected wireless router somewhere in or near my building. I’ve been online with it ever since, waving my DS around like a maniac to maintain at least 1 bar of strength. In one of the races, I was introduced to the friend icon, which flashes above the wifi signal icon even during a race to let you know one of your friends is online. Best feature ever, which lead me to the best non-race ever. At 6:27 am I was still going at it. The heck with the dongle, I’m officially jacked in. You know where to find me, peeps. Rollin + Infendo emblem = rockin’ your face.