Majora’s Mask was all just a dream

Yoshiaki Koizumi, known for his work with the Mario and Legend of Zelda games likes to daydream. In the August issue of Official Nintendo Magazine UK, Koizumi speaks of how he thought up the idea of the three-day system found in Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

“Occasionally I also take images from dreams. Perhaps I am a little bit different from Mr Miyamoto in that sense. So if I could just give an example of one of those idle daydreams that turns into an idea for a game, I would look up at the moon and think about what would happen if the moon started to fall towards Earth. From that idea we moved onto the world in Majora’s Mask which is threatened by being destroyed by the moon.”

I have been very outspoken of my love for Majora’s Mask; I am of the opinion that it is even superior to Ocarina of Time. The way the characters in the game all had a role in the overarching story was something that hadn’t been done before. It could have done with an extra dungeon or two, but it was a fantastic adventure throughout.

What is your opinion of Majora’s Mask. Did you enjoy it enough to see it through to the end?

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  1. nin says:

    i’m with you, i’ve always thought majora’s mask was better than oot, even if it didn’t have a whole lot of dungeons. plus i LOVED the mask system

  2. frstOne says:

    I totally love this game. It needs a remake for 3ds.

  3. Matt says:

    I never played it because I hated OoT, but maybe I’ll give it a try sometime soon

  4. GameCollector44 says:

    Majora’s Mask was the first Zelda game I had ever owned, and I absolutely loved it. I’ve beaten it 100%, all Heart Pieces and Masks.

  5. Caleb says:

    I really enjoyed Majora’s Mask, but did feel it was a little on the short side. Even so, it was a fantastic game. I wonder if it will get a 3DS remake, too?

  6. reaper says:

    I like majora’s mask a little bit better then oot we need a remake of it on wii u now that would be something. I liked oot on 3ds but I want one that will blow my mind away.The graphics on 3ds was impressive but give me one on wii u using the best graphics around on that system then I would be happy. Fierce deity would look pretty impressive and fierce on wii u if you ask me. Plus I haven’t seen child link with twilight princess graphics much less the wii u graphics.

  7. matthew case says:

    I did not quite care for Majora’s Mask. I think it was because I felt rushed throughout the game. The whole 3 day cycle I was not a big fan of. It is ok I guess, but Liked OoT better. In Zelda, you are meantot take your time and explore the environment and take it all in. Mahora’s mask was just the opposite. You had to constantly worry about time management. I liked it to an axtent, just not my favorite Zelda. I would oove to see Wind Waker remake on 3DS for Zelda’s 25th Anniversary.

  8. cowmanodoom says:

    First time I played it, I totally HATED it. I had just finished my first Zelda game (OOT) and I was expecting it to be very similar to that. I wanted an epic storyline like in OOT, so you can imagine my surprise/disappointment at how different it was.

    I played it again last year, just to see if I was missing something, and I totally LOVED it.

    Finishing the Anju and Kafei quest was quite satisfying, as well as many other things I missed on my first playthrough.

    Not better then OOT, but still very fun.

    It is definitely not for people new to the series though…

  9. Cass says:

    I have to say i didn’t like this one, probably the only zelda game i didn’t like. The main thing is the time restraint, the best thing about a zelda game, i find, is exploring and trying out different things, the fact that you had to keep resetting the 3 days bugged me and ment i counld not do this. Can anyone tell me if its like that the whole way through the game because i only played a few hours?

  10. reaper says:

    @Cass. The resetting 3 day thing last through the game up before the last area but you can slow time down and for those that says you can’t explore the game then you must be rushing to fast because it goes slow enough to explore every inch of the game. I know what you mean about being rushed but it turns that you have plenty of time except for the one mask that you have get at the very last second and that one had me panicking. I do see where you coming from usually I won’t play a game if it has to much of a rush feeling to it but this was alright.

  11. Eugene says:

    Later in the game you learn that you can play the song of time backward to slow time to 1/3 of the normal speed. Also, even when the world is about to end, you can play the song of time to return to the beginning of the first day.

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