Link to the AC

From Rob’s email: “I transformed my town into hyrule and also made an 8 texture mural out of the Zelda: A Link To The Past start screen. It is also up for grabs in my Able’s shop too.”

Up for grabs, huh? If you’da sent us your friend code, maybe. Also note the wacky date. Time travel much? Been plucking that Master Sword?

[Thanks, Rob Squared!]


  1. Could you post some more pics of the town? I havent played ac:ww alot so i dont know how much you can customise your town

  2. What’s wrong with Time Traveling? I do it all the time, it’s the only thing that keeps me from tossing the game up on eBay, it gets boring pretty quickly without time traveling.

  3. hey guys. I am Rob Squared. I will take some more pictures of my town tonight. If you would like come to my town or own this mural here is my Animal Crossing INFO:
    2749 3889 9824
    SQD3 in PaloAlto.

    if you add me please send me an email with your info at

    hope to see you in town!

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