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The majority of you voted Zelda as the most beloved franchise. Many, myself included, were very upset, even livid when Link’s next adventure was postponed from next month until spring of 2006. If I could play only one game next year it would be, without a doubt, Zelda. I might even consider passing up the chance to play the Revolution in place of getting my grubby hands on a copy of Twilight Princess. It’s rooted that deep in my kiddie gaming self.

So what is it with our infatuation with Link and the Zelda series? The gameplay, for the most part, has remained the same; explore dungeons, get items, upgrade to new areas, and repeat. Despite this, Link is singular to gaming and his adventures never cease to captivate players from around the globe.

Why is that? Obviously Miyamoto has got to be a big reason but there must be something else. Until the Infendo Genie comes along, I’m gonna need a witness…


  1. Everyone loves tights. And Tingle. Tights and Tingle.

  2. Everyone loved Ocarina of Time. Even some complete Nintendo haters can admit that they’ve enjoyed the OoT they’ve played. To be honest, I think Ocarina has the largest amount to do with the Link infactuation. It was an amazing game, and bloody good fun. Not only that but the constant reverence that people express towards it only makes my memories of gameplay all the sweeter. I guess the game’s become rose-tinted, but that’s hardly suprising. It’s just that kind of game.

    Tingle is an awful creation.

  3. Infendo Genie? 😡

  4. The link obsession? 3 words

    Excuuuuse me Princess

    A Link to the Past might have more in hand with Zelda’s success just as much as Ocarina of Time. Ocarina was definatly the must-have N64 game though.

  5. Ocarina of Time was overrated.

    There, I said it.

  6. Agreed spud. I thought Wind Waker was a better game. And minish cap is wicked good too.

  7. OoT was not overrated. The problem with OoT is that ppl over talk it. It’s as good as everyone ses it is, u just hear it too often.

    The Zelda phenomenon started with OoT. LttP set up the pins, OoT hit the strike.

  8. I really don’t think OoT is half as goood as people make it out to be. I had fun playing it, but it certainly isn’t ‘Greatest Game of All Time’ material. My main problem with it, other than that you can’t skip through the dialogue, is that even the most novice of players could beat the game, no problems, while being castrated with a broken whiskey bottle and beaten with toothpicks. I recall dying about two times during my entire first playthrough. I mean, I don’t neccesarily think that it should be ridiculously and mind-blowingly frustraiting, but, y’know, put up a fight. Majora’s Mask put up a fight, but it had that stupid time system that kept me from being able to stay interested through the entire thing. And then Wind Waker is even easier than OoT, except for all the Triforce hunting crap near the end, which was one of the rare instances where I was forced to look up a walkthrough. I’m all for the exploration that was perfected in the first Zelda, but that felt more like I was walking around in circles than anything else.

  9. I actually never got very far in OoT, but that’s me…I never finish a game except it’s really really really interesting me….
    I never finished my current favorite game of all time (Illusion of Gaia/Time)….
    I actually think it’s not so much about Link. I personally always love the world they create. Hyrule is such an interesting place 😉

  10. OoT is def GoaT material. Each person has a different experience with the game (or any game) but whether u like it or not, it’s something to behold. It’s not my fave ever but i definitely see it for what it’s worth. I liked Majora and Minish Cap better, myself. But the topic at hand here is why does everyone like Zelda, not why or why not is OoT the best ever.

    OoT is justly revered.

  11. Perhaps the infatuation we have with the series is due to more deep-rooted physcological factors like the heroe vs. villain / good vs evil archetype which just works so well in the series. Link is also portrayed as starting off as a regular run-of-the-mill kid who just happens to have this great destiny before him that he must fulfill, but he’s never shown as a Superman-esque invincible person who can do no wrong and doesn’t deal with mundane problems. But maybe the biggest reason to like him is the fact that he lacks a voice, a set personality, so that in effect the reader is able to become Link and make him you.

    So then if you want to be the perfect hero helping everyone you can, or you can choose not to, or even be mischievous (like in WW when you break all the fancy plates and vases in the action house). The games usually give you a ton of extra things to do if you feel like just messing around, not to mention the amount of emotion put into the games ever since LttP (and given a giant leap in OoT and subsequent games).

    So perhaps we like this game because we can make of it what we want, we become the hero, we become that young boy who is daunted by the task of saving the realm and so many individuals (not just a faceless mass to whom you have no emotional attachment). The endearing cast in the games, the things you do (or can do) and that magic spark the games seem to ahve in terms of awakening and inspiring your imagination. The Zelda series is great because it has all these awesome things that are just so dificult to put into words, all you know is that you love the experience and Nintendo continues to deliver every time (to most of us who aren’t too picky or “hardcore” to the point of not seeing the good in the game).

    This new Zelda game is oh so tempting and even if we can’t describe exactly why, most of us fans of the series can agree, we just want it because we can’t get enough of the series.

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