Link Obsession

The majority of you voted Zelda as the most beloved franchise. Many, myself included, were very upset, even livid when Link’s next adventure was postponed from next month until spring of 2006. If I could play only one game next year it would be, without a doubt, Zelda. I might even consider passing up the chance to play the Revolution in place of getting my grubby hands on a copy of Twilight Princess. It’s rooted that deep in my kiddie gaming self.

So what is it with our infatuation with Link and the Zelda series? The gameplay, for the most part, has remained the same; explore dungeons, get items, upgrade to new areas, and repeat. Despite this, Link is singular to gaming and his adventures never cease to captivate players from around the globe.

Why is that? Obviously Miyamoto has got to be a big reason but there must be something else. Until the Infendo Genie comes along, I’m gonna need a witness…