Life on this Side of the Warp Zone

Life on this Side of the Warp Zone

Hey Infendo Readers!!

My name is Nick Light and I’m one of a few new writers here on the staff. Let me start off by saying that it is an honor to work with these wonderful people and I hope my stay is long and prosperous. But with this sudden influx of new writers, how can I make sure that I’m remembered?

Well, first off, my Nintendo story is a little different than most. My life has not always been surrounded in Nintendo paraphernalia. I was 7 when I got my first Nintendo system, an original, fat, transparent GameBoy. With it, my parents got me Mole Mania (now available on the 3DS Virtual Console, if you’re feeling nostalgic). Yup, the first memory in my Nintendo life had nothing to with a plumber or a princess. Instead, I was digging holes and absolutely loving every minute of it. Now don’t shun me because of my mole games, I mean it was a Shigeru Miyamoto creation. But after that, I was hooked. I had almost every iteration of a Nintendo handheld up to the GameBoy Advance, playing plenty of Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and even a little Ken Griffey Jr’s Slugfest along the way.

And for my birthday the next year, I opened a box to reveal an N64. You’ve all probably seen those videos of children losing their stuff when they open the wrapping of an N64. That was me. There’s pictures on the internet somewhere of an 8 year old Nick screaming his lungs out, hoisting the box in the air like it was a sacred piece of Triforce.

Of course, I played the living snot out of games like Super Mario 64, Star Fox 64, Super Smash Bros., Mario Golf, Tennis, Party, Kart, and my personal favorite Donkey Kong 64. Life outside of the living room became an after thought as I would fake sick and skip school just so I could attempt to shoot down Star Wolf, my childhood arch-nemesis.

Yes, there was something missing in the last paragraph. I’m sad to say, I never played a Zelda game on the N64. A indicting sin in Nintendo lore. I didn’t even know Ocarina of Time was a thing until years later. In fact, to this day I’ve only ever played The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons for the GBA. That’s where my weird Nintendo life starts. After the N64, I didn’t make the transition to GameCube. I never bought a Wii. No iteration of DS or 3DS has ever been in my possession. In a way, I left Nintendo several years ago, opting for other gaming experiences on other platforms.

But at the same time, the love has always been there. While I never owned a Nintendo system after N64, my friends did. I would enviously play Melee during sleep-overs, Wii bowled when I visited my grandparents’ house, and fought Bowser through the galaxy at Best Buy kiosks. I’ve listened to several Nintendo podcasts and watch Nintendo’s presentation at E3 every year. They were never far from my heart.

And now I can finally say that I’m getting back into the game. I have my Deluxe Wii U pre-ordered along with several games. I’m ready to get back into action with Nintendo Land, shoot zombies and survive in ZombiU, and regain my Mario glory with New Super Mario Bros. U. Along the way, I plan on making up for every moment I’ve missed (hopefully with your help) through the virtual console and eShop.

I may have wandered away from the Mushroom Kingdom, but now I’m back on this side of the Warp Zone. I’m here to report the latest and greatest news from Nintendo. I’m here to review and discuss future titles. But most importantly, I’m here for you, the reader. Infendo is but a website that I write for; it’s you, the community, that makes it so special.

I look forward to it all.