Lengthy new Super Mario 3D World trailer features smorgasbord of power-ups, reveals online features

If you follow Nintendo’s official Facebook pages, Twitter account, or YouTube channel, you may have seen the company upload the following 6-minute trailer for Super Mario 3D World:

The trailer covers various aspects of the game, starting with the storyline. In order to free up Peach as a playable character from the start, Bowser instead kidnaps the Spritzy Princess this time around (I’m sure those were Bowser’s intentions, not Nintendo’s) and it’s up to Mario and friends to save her. The trailer shows more of the overhead map in SM3DW, which is much more extensive and interactive than ever before. The differences between the four playable characters are also explained here, but I’ll let you watch the trailer yourself for more info. What I’m in a hurry to get to are the massive amounts of power-ups and items in SM3DW…

To list the power-ups revealed for the game so far: Cat Mario, Double Mario, Fire Mario, Tanooki Mario, Boomerang Mario, Mega Mario, and White Tanooki Mario. To list the items shown so far, we have the cannon box, the light box, the coin box, the propeller box, the baseball, Koopa shells, the Goomba mask, and the piranha plant. Additionally, Mario can ride what seems to be a big ice skate, and all four characters can fit on Plessie, a swimming dinosaur. All of that adds up to an unprecedented variety of gameplay possibilities for the Super Mario series, which is saying something!

The trailer also explains the oh-so-important online features in Super Mario 3D World. When players connect to the internet, “Ghost Mii” data from other players appears in each stage. It’s unclear how many of these units there can be at once, but they may just help you find an obscure secret or two, should you desire to turn this feature on at all. Additionally, hidden stamps in each level can be used in Miiverse posts, giving those of us who have no artistic ability the chance to create visually appealing posts for once.

So. Still wishing this would have been the next Super Mario Galaxy, or has Nintendo appeased you with this extensive gameplay preview? Perhaps you’ve been optimistic about Super Mario 3D World from the outset? Whatever the case, please share your thoughts in a comment!

55 Responses to Lengthy new Super Mario 3D World trailer features smorgasbord of power-ups, reveals online features

  1. BornFlunky says:

    I was skeptical from the first, E3 presentation. It didn’t look very expansive.

    Then the second trailer happened, and I was appeased.

    And then this came along, and I was blown away. I seriously can’t wait.

    While I do like the incorporation of the original 2D Mario elements, the only thing I’m not liking so far is the timer. I don’t want to feel like I have to rush through these awesome-looking levels.

  2. Holly says:

    @BornFlunky I’m the exact same way! The only thing that kept me from REALLY liking Super Mario 3D Land was the timer. I suppose one of its purposes is to keep you playing levels over and over again, but I would still prefer its absence…

  3. raindog469 says:

    I’m really hoping that there’s a way to unlock levels with unlimited time, as in other Japanese games like Elebits and Katamari Damacy, or that someone finds a cheat to do so. There’s a wide variety of things to do here, but I could say the same of Mario Party, another game that’s more fun with 3 friends. I want to explore the way I did in Mario 64 and Sunshine (and to a lesser extent due to its empty-space-filled levels, Galaxy 2). The timed levels were what made me get tired of the NES Mario games to begin with, and move exclusively to computer gaming for years.

    I realize that after the Wii, Nintendo has felt a lot of pressure to feed their core fanbase with stuff that evokes what we were playing 25 years ago. But my interest in Nintendo actually ended with the NES and restarted with the Gamecube, whose first-party games were, in my wildly unpopular opinion, Nintendo’s creative peak.

    But this is still most likely going to be the game that gets us to buy a Wii U.

  4. BornFlunky says:


    I agree with you on the Gamecube thing. Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, Pikmin — the birth of so many incredibly creative Nintendo games. Though I’m willing to say each generation is equal in terms of creativity, or at least pretty close together.

    But anyway, yeah. This is exactly what Nintendo needs to cinch the market this holiday, along with the price cut (nix Japan). Seeing Mario and Link all over the place, come this holiday, along with a $100 cheaper console? It’s probably going to be the go-to product.

  5. BornFlunky says:

    Also, Holly, sweet article. ‘Twas entertaining and informative. =P

  6. dienman says:

    It looks really good. Can’t wait. Just need to play through Windwaker, and then this is the next game for me.

  7. Holly says:

    @BornFlunky Thank you very much!

    @Dienman This and A Link Between Worlds. Good thing Christmas break exists, or we would never get through all of the amazing games on offer around the holiday season!

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