Laptop NES

The Game Axe from Taiwan let’s you take actual NES games on the go. Not very portable, but big is the new small right? Or is it the other way around…


  1. Watch out for this one- I got a game axe like a couple of years ago and it was really cool but the screen was kind of dark- so as per the company’s recomendation I plugged in an AC adapter (Like the old school NES one from radio shack) and it shorted out the screen.
    Upon contacting the company they gave me the runaround about how in China AC means DC or something to that effect and that I was wrong to not know that- So be careful. Also the games don’t stick out as much as they do in the picture if you have Japanese famicom games (which are smaller).

  2. Personally I would rather play NES on my tv and with the original system. It’s more enjoyable that way.

  3. Ahahaha, how ridiculous…. Nintendo have re-released all their classics on newer-gen systems a million times anyway. I’d just pick up some of those if I wanted to play old games so desperately :\

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