Koji Igarashi warms to Castlevania on the Wii

Aside from that sketchy cameo on Captain N, Simon Belmont has been video game gold in the Castlevania series. This goes for all the other Belmonts who have made appearances throughout the years as well, but unfortunately after E3 it appeared as though the Wii was not something Koji Igarashi, the producer of the series, believed was the type of system he would want to develop for. However, in recent weeks Igarashi has reexamined his previous statements about the console and now has “some ideas” for a game.

“We still can’t think about anything other than this DS version [Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin] because we are so busy but of course we would like to think of something interesting and pleasant for Wii. I have some ideas for Castlevania for Wii.”

Forget the motion sensing whip-cracking — I’d be satisified with another Dawn of Sorrow-type title specifically made for the Wii.