K.K. Don’t Play Dat

Nintendo always have something to say. If you’ve noticed, they tend to use their games as an avenue to comment on many of the goings on in the world. Animal Crossing: Wild World is no different, taking at stab at the Record Industry. K.K. Slider, the guitar-playing dog from the game, lets you know how he feels about the big money-grubbing music corps.

Can’t say i disagree.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I wonder if that’s a more or less exact translation from the japanese, or if they took some “creative liberties” for that comment.

  2. I’m quite certain it was NOA’s work.

  3. This is the first time I can recall seeing such statements in a Nintendo game, unless maybe you count all the racial stereotypes in Punch-Out!! or something.

  4. It’s not always in this vein. Sometimes they just comment on human emotions and capitalism, which is my favorite part of the Pikmin series. Other times they make remarks on their rivals in the game industry (Dual Strike). There are a whole bunch of them, these 2 are only a couple of ones i’ve experienced 1st hand.

  5. don’t hate the player, hate the game lol

  6. I love Nintendo’s localization teams, especially the guys who work on Intelligent Systems games, and stuff like this just makes me love them even more.

    Oh, and Rollin, where were the competition cracks in Dual Strike? Just curious. XD

  7. It was a little open to interpretation, but i took it that way when the long-haired girl said (roughly): “They built their empires with our technology. We’re simply taking it back.”

  8. Does that mean that Nintendo will be releasing the Revolutions’ classic games for under a dollar or better yet for free?

    Probably not…

  9. I’ve noticed that a lot of recent Nintendo games are very culturally aware. The localization team is doing a great job of keeping them relevant – I enjoyed Bowser’s cracks about online auction sites in Mario Party 7, and Hammer Brothers speeking in l33t is comedy gold.

    I’m not sure if references like these are part of the original Japanese script, or if they’re added to make it more relevant to American audiences during the localization process. Either way, I’m not entirely sure they set out to make any sort of social statement, but I am definitely loving NOA’s localization team after seeing what they’ve been capable of. Animal Crossing cracks my cracker up sometimes.

    Seriously. And I’m 20. What can I say? I’m a sucker for fish puns.

  10. Seriously. And I’m 20. What can I say? I’m a sucker for fish puns.


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