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In case you’ve been in a cave over the past two days, this should get you up to speed:

TGS Iwata Presentation w/ Slides (Sep 16, 2005)

This has to be one of the best presentations I’ve seen. Nintendo did a really good job showing the capabilities during the “infomercial” part of the presentation.

What “demo” got you the most excited?


  1. I wanna be a chef. Can’t wait to cook some virtual sushi, accidentally chop my virtual fingers off and serve to the customers!

  2. It really was a great keynote.
    You know what I really liked ? They showed the core of their new system. And it was not a big show with The Killers playing or just colorful decorations and screaming fanboys and so on. It was a presentation. It really was about facts and not PR-babbel.

    I thought the conducting and drum playing was the best part 😀 Imagine a Band Brothers title that lets you play the instrument ! How cool !

  3. I really loved the cooking one
    Also the sword looks great, but i cant wait to do some magic in a Harry Potter game, just tink about it, move your hand to casta spell and cook new potions, may be not a game like the others with the story of the books but a game in wich you are a student and trying to graduate from Hogwarts, just imagine everybody conected on the world and learning spells and cocking potions, isnt it great?

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