Introducing Rakim Reid

I want to introduce myself to Infendo readers and staff.  My name is Rakim Reid and I am a new writer on Infendo. I am happy to have the opportunity to share the latest Nintendo-related news.

My first foray into video games was at the tender age of four. I played Super Mario Brothers on my cousin’s Nintendo Entertainment System. That game continues to frame my belief that all great games share one crucial characteristic: fun. And although SMB was, and still remains, fun, I haven’t beaten that game.

As I got older, I branched out and played action and role-playing games. Bayonetta and No More Heroes 2 are recent favorite action titles.  I don’t have a favorite RPG, but older Final Fantasy games, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and a few other classics definitely make the list. Usually I game solo, but like playing a competitive match every so often. Nowadays you get find me curled up with my Nintendo 3DS playing Super Mario 3D Land.

Besides loving all things Nintendo, I currently live in Virginia, with my wife, where I attend a local university as a graduate student. I work most days in the human resource field and spend my downtime enjoying my hobbies. I like reading, traveling and writing — of course! I plan to pick up archery and bowling (again) soon to add to my hobby repertoire.

I hope you enjoyed my little introduction. I look forward to writing about Nintendo!

Rakim Reid is many things -- a blogger, husband, student -- but video games have been in his life longer than any of them. He has written about the video game industry over the years in his spare time and has plans to expand into the e-book realm. He is a avid Nintendo fan and continues to play the company's latest games. You can find him curled up next to his 3DS in his downtime.