Infendo seeking a few good ninja volunteers

During this the last week of summer, Infendo would like to gear up for the increased game coverage expected during the busy fall and winter months (read: there is a lot going on, and we’d like your help). If you or someone you know would like to contribute on a volunteer basis (though the publisher has been known to send free games and other goodies to standout contributors) in one/many of the following areas, please send an email to (subject= Infendo Ninja Prospective) with your credentials and/or brilliant ideas for improvement:

  • Content development/second-run syndication
  • Retro Profile author(s)
  • Audience development, content research, social networking
  • Creative ninja (graphic design, video production)
  • WordPress, plugin, and PHP maintainer
  • Anything else you’d like to pitch us on

Additionally, it helps (although it’s not mandatory) to look like and/or posses some of the following skills if interested in joining Team Infendo:

An excellent Sai or bostaff assassin…

Are deadly with a ninja dagger…

Or are an accomplished capoeira expert, Nightfox style.