Infendo PSA: Game ending glitch in Skyward Sword and how not to let it happen to you!

Nintendo has sent over what they have found to be a game ending bug found in the later stages of Skyward Sword, that unfortunately would require the player to reset his game and start from the beginning. After 25+ hours, if that would have happened to me I know I would be angry, so take the proper precautions to not let it happen to you!

In the “Song of the Hero” quest, if the desert portion is completed first before the other two sections and you speak to the Goron in the mines before and after the desert quest events unfold, the game will lock out the completion of the other portions of the “Song of the Hero” quest, forever ending all forward progress in the game forcing the game to be started from the beginning.

There are a couple of ways to avoid this fate however, so be prepared. For one, if you are unfortunate enough to make these events unfold, DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME. Otherwise, you’re out of luck. Even better, don’t talk to the Goron in the mines twice. Even better then that, don’t attempt the desert portion of the quest first, and the glitch won’t be an issue at all.

Good luck on your Hylian quest, and try not to have your game save ruined! Click on through if you want to see the official explanation from Nintendo. Warning however, minor plot spoilers ahead.

The situation is caused by performing the following sequence of events during the Song of the Hero quest:

1. At the beginning of the quest, go to Lanayru Desert to retrieve the song of the Thunder Dragon.

2. In the Lanayru Mine, speak with Golo the Goron.

3. Complete the Thunder Dragon’s event, and receive his song.

4. Before heading to the forest or volcano regions, speak with Golo in the mine again.

5. At this point, the forest and volcano events will no longer occur, making it impossible to continue.


• This issue WILL NOT OCCUR if the Fire and Water Dragon songs have already been collected before collecting the Thunder Dragon’s song. Talking to Golo in the Lanayru Caves will also NOT trigger this issue.

• If the game has been saved after completing the sequence of events, it will no longer be possible to proceed through the game on that save file. The only options at that point are to either start the game over or to use an earlier save file to continue.

I wish I had a better answer, but I’m afraid there currently is no other fix available. I can assure, however, that we are documenting all feedback we receive on this issue. Thank you for your patience and support.


Sharon Matheny


11 Responses to Infendo PSA: Game ending glitch in Skyward Sword and how not to let it happen to you!

  1. Artefacto says:

    Luckily I did the forest quest first, but this is good information for further replays.

  2. Richard says:

    Eeek! Reminds me of the game-ending bug near the end of DK64!!!

  3. HyperSonic says:

    Well, at least they didn’t forget a lever.

    Eh, Tomb Raider?

  4. NZA36 says:

    Didn’t they have five years to not let this happen?

  5. Eugene says:


    QAing a game as large and diverse as Skyward Sword I imagine can be a nightmare. I’m not trying to give Nintendo a pass here, but seeing as how the circumstances to make the glitch happen are so very unlikely to happen, hopefully it will only affect a small number of people.

  6. onetruegamer says:

    way to go, testing dept.!

    so glad i got out of that hole
    remember when this happened on radiant dawn
    all the times i got ‘no bug’ged
    guess what, joke’s on y’all

    good times

  7. S says:

    One problem with this is, you need to complete the Thunder Dragon quest and the Fire Dragons quest to get the Water Dragons quest to activate…

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