Infendo homework assignment: To nunchuck, or not?

OK Infendo readers, it’s homework time. You’re going to do some research. I’ve read Nick’s post on controller pricing, and I have to say I agreed with it for the most part: Wii controller plus the nunchaku attachment is going to be $60, and that’s pricey.

However, I’ve had some time to chew it over, and after reading an interesting comment left by some guy named anonymous, I’ve come up with this:

Go out amongst the Internet’s many tubes and find me all of the launch window titles that will require multiple players equipped with the Wiimote AND the attachment.

So far, in my exhaustive search (which involved me sitting back in my chair, scratching my stubbly chin and going ‘hmm…’), I’ve come up with Madden. Other games, like Red Steel, are going to be predominantly single-player experiences (although I believe Ubisoft did give a hazy explanation about single console multiplayer…).

The point of this homework is to prove that for at least the time being, the Wiimote is all you’ll need, and the true cost of “extra controllers” is $40, not $60. Don’t buy what you don’t need, right?

Yes, it’s true, I forgot WiiSports Boxing. :-/

Leave your papers in the coment section. Thank you.