Infendo Catalog: Fall/Winter 05

The year-end holidays can be overwhelmingly tough for gamers looking for new experiences to enjoy whilst in hibernation. Well fear not, readers– Infendo’s here to help! We’ve assembled this quick, handy list of each of the staff’s top picks to guide you through the bad and point you to the rad. Now drop that copy of Ping Pals and read the following.

Super Mario Strikers– I can say from experience that this game is a knockout. Combining one of the most fun videogame sports with Mario and Co. was a fantastic idea; and it makes for a great party game.

Mario & Luigi: PiT– The sequel to the best story driven Mario game is also the first big RPG for the DS. Aside the main platformers, this spin-off series of the Mushroom Kingdom is the cream of the Mario crop.

Animal Crossing: Wild World– If this game isn’t in your DS on December 5, you have some splainin’ to do. Don’t invite me into your village, either– i will chop down every tree in sight.

Honorable mentions – Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land DS, Sonic Rush, Trauma Center

Stay the hell away from- Shadow the Hedgehog. Sega pulled a “Warrior Within” with this one and made a bad series worse. Don’t be fooled, kids.

Nintendo DS – It may seem like last years Christmas list, but I still don’t have a DS. I’m counting on Santa pull through and help me join in on the WiFi fun.

Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix – It turns out not only was this game not canceled, but it is also insanely popular. That might make getting it a tad difficult, but what better way to work off that holiday weight than dancing it off with Mario and friends?!

Honorable mentions – Gun, Animal Crossing: WW, Mario Kart


Mario Kart DS – Don’t miss out on this game. Just don’t.

Super Mario Strikers – I’m with Rollin on this one. This game is so fast-paced and easy to pick up, you’d be doing yourself a diservice by not playing it.

Nintendogs – less a game, more of a sim, but still a blast. If you haven’t already, be sure to hit up the title that is arguably putting the DS on the map.

Honorable mentions – Gun, Phoenix Wright, Battalion Wars, Gunstar Super Heroes

Steer clear of: Shadow the Hedgehog, Sega dropped the ball on this one.

Sleeper Awareness: It seems that, in 2005, publishers have wisened up. Alot of the games that were potential sleepers scheduled to come out in this period were pushed back to the 1st quarter of 2006 to escape the Christmas madness. Bummer.

Cross Console– Guitar Hero, Half-Life 2, Shadow of the Colossus, and Guitar Hero. Also check out- Guitar Hero.