Infendo Art Challenge #1 Voting is Underway!



Over a month ago, Infendites started submitting their art for the first ever Infendo Art Challenge. I have to say, I’ve been pretty impressed with some of the real talent that has been shown in the first month’s run through. Now, the voting has begun, so head over to the forums (CLICK HERE FOR THE VOTING THREAD) and help us declare a winner! On April 30th, we’ll declare a winner, show off their artwork on the front page of the site, and move forward to next month’s challenge, Super Mario Galaxy!

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  1. Friends,

    Natalie Medina’s “XO” artwork is in the “Top 25 list”, but she’s losing ground. She needs more support/votes to stay in. If you haven’t voted please do so now. Also, “liking” does NOT count as a vote. Clicking on the (5 stars *****) on the right cases your vote. Thank YOU!