Illegal Just Got Legal?

According to ExtraLife, the original NES patent ran out. That means those fake NES systems you’ve seen at your local mall should now be legal. I don’t know where they’re getting this patent info but apparently Generation Nex have already sold out for the month.

We still prefer the original. Maybe even a NES II.

[Source: ExtraLife]


  1. I perfer NesterDC over playing an actual NES. I don’t think screwing around with a cartridge for twelve hours trying to get the game to come up is worth it just for the tingly nostalgic feeling I get from Mario 2. If you want, you can paint your DC an ugly shade of gray and chop the handles off of the controller to make it feel more authentic. If you don’t own a Dreamcast, shame on you.

  2. I doubt any paternt expired… really don’t you think they would have renewed it?

  3. I like that Generation NEX. I just wish I had a more extensive NES library. Ducktales, Godzilla, and Q*bert will only take you so far.

    If only I were older when the NES came around.

  4. have a look at what I found. its cool. its about the ninntendo revolution

  5. I really like the Nex 😀 Nice idea and those guys really make great stuff. But still I’m willing to wait for the Rev 😉

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