I’ll take black, please

Three cheers for the black Nintendo DS Lite.


  1. is this real?

  2. I don’t think it’s real at least I hope it isn’t! The problem is that the black looks quite flat and pasty if you get what I mean. I would want there to be more of a shine and gloss to it. It’s no black iPod that’s for sure!

  3. I don’t need no shine or gloss–just give me some sexy black. :3 I want one to go with the black Revolution I want to get…

  4. Methinks there’ll be several colors shown at E3 along with the Revolution [in only 95 days].

  5. i like it- the white one was nice but still a little too ipod for me. this one looks sharp.

  6. I’d make a simple change to the unit design…

    Make the a & B buttons in a different color/tint than the x & y buttons. We need a quick visual reference as to what are the two basic buttons (a & b).

    Can’t wait for this DS to come out!!!

  7. Nice!

    Like the black Rev!

  8. Sexy…

    It will go nicely with my black micro w/ black faceplate!

  9. It’s nothing like the black revolution! The black revolution has got shine and gloss to it! :-S

  10. this is a mock up… it looks good though… who ever did it… the lite looks much better in black… that white just was too plain… looked like a bar of soap or something…

  11. I would honestly prefer it to be shine-less. At least somewhat. I’m not big on having a piece of handheld hardware that is constantly showing at least 9,000 fingerprints.

  12. espetacular

    I´m Portugese!!!

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