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Every Friday for the last few months, IGN has been interviewing a different executive from Nintendo of America. In each interview they ask the executive just one question, and then of course post the answer on their website. Their latest post: an interview with Perrin Kaplan, Vice President of marketing and corporate affairs, is of course incredibly vague, but it does let on that not only has the Revolution’s key innovation not yet been revealed, but also that once it is, IGN will be the first site to break the news.

Thanks to Jacomar for the tip.

[Source: IGN Nintendo Minute vol. 22]


  1. ARGH! I need more information!! I hope that this new “key innovation” is really as good as they say.. I’m a little wary that it’s not going to live up to the initial revealing of the Revmote. It’s pretty damaging when you fail to live up to your own hype.

  2. I don’t think there’s another “key innovation”. There’s just more to it, but nothing on the scale of the remote.

    Reading too much into it.

  3. Well, as of today [1/29] there are only 100 days left to wait until the E3 keynote!

  4. Well obviously Perrin claimed it was going to be another big thing that gets “used” and IGN uses it one of the first people sooo…

    screw IGN… ^.^

  5. I’m really curious to see what this ‘key innovation’ turns out to be. From the promo video at TGS, we saw examples of people playing games on the Revolution. Will the new revelation invalidate that promo video? I mean, the people playing those fishing/cooking/etc games weren’t wearing a VR helmet or using a built-in projector on the Revolution (as some rumors have purport).

    The controller will completely change the way we play Nintendo games, so I can’t imagine what else will be “so unique and innovative about Revolution” as Perrin Kaplan claims. If it’s half the surprise the controller was, I don’t think my brain will handle it!

  6. WTF makes her a Jedi Master? 😉

  7. Well she works for Nintendo… ^.^

  8. hmmm… Nintendo often uses “Viva La Revolution!” a lot…. could that be the slogan for the system?

  9. Well, everybody has been using that phrase… and for fairly obvious reasons. Even if it is the “official slogan”, that doesn’t really tell us anything special about the console.

    And there will be more secrets about the Rev. Remember what Miyamoto said… “There is another secret”…

  10. I don’t think there’s another “key innovation”. There’s just more to it, but nothing on the scale of the remote

    That’s my concern. It’s Nintendo that are on about how there is something that’s yet to be revealed that’s “so unique and innovative”, I’m a cynic, so I’m guessing it really isn’t going to be such great news. Hyping up this ‘feature’ and not living up to it’s own hype is concerning. That’s all I meant.

  11. We must give Nintendo a chance. Most people had the same concerns about the revmote and it did indeed live up to the hype.

    My concern is that this secret is not being openly talk so maybe is a smaller secret. But then again she said taht the thing that makes the revolution so unique has not been revealed. If it aint the controller it must big quite a innovation.

  12. “Miyamoto said… “There is another secret”…”

    The secret is they changed their mind and droped out of the console race.

    At E3 Miyamoto is going to suicide bomb the Sony both after flame trowing up the Xbox booth. And later they will reviel he deleted all the source files for Twilite Princess and had the only copy attatched to the dynamite he used to take out Nintedo Head Quarters in Washington.

    The new bulding in Washington is actualy an anti-videogame laser ray that will destroy all consoles, DS’s, GBA’s PSP’s and anything else that plays games…ok maybe the PSP’s wont blow up from the laser (since they don’t play actual games) but they all will eventually.

    His last words will be “I created the video game industry, I can destroy it biatches!!!!”

    The End

    Hows that for comment of the week?

  13. Maybe the ‘secret’ is that all the old game content will be free. And that it comes with a real live puppy! Also, Nintendo will be taking everyone out for frosty, chocolate milkshakes.

    That, or Frisby’s death ray.

  14. Mabe they found a way to make it play both 306 games and PS3 games making the rev. the only needed system.

    Insted of PS3 it should be BS3

    Bull S*** 3rd edition

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