I underestimated the Nintendo Wii launch

I, Blake Snow (not pictured), underestimated the Nintendo Wii launch. I thought supply would outlast demand despite my enthusiasm and successful predictions for the console. Because of that, I’m still without a Wii and my initial wait appears to have no immediate end as more than 1 million units flew off store shelves the first day alone with many people left empty handed.

With a kid, a family, and bills to pay, waiting for hours on end in line was never an option for me. Wish it could have been, but it wasn’t. But you can’t say I haven’t tried, and I still continue to do so. Over the past day and a half, I’ve spent more than 14 hours calling and driving around to more retailers than I thought existed. And I’m not alone. Everywhere I go strangers are right there beside me asking the same questions: “Have any Wii’s in stock? Know when you’ll get more?” Customer service departments aren’t even transferring me to electronics anymore. They snap at me in curt fashion not allowing any inquiries, “No, we don’t’ have any Wiis, and we DON’T know when we’re getting more!!!” While working today, my wife ventured to several retailers in a vain attempt to secure one on my behalf. She claims game departments look like tornadoes hit them with no consoles, controllers, nunchucks, or notable games to be found. I’m sorry, but I don’t care for Happy Feet. Crowds and lines followed her wherever she went hoping for the same.

When can the Wii-less expect a US restocking? Reports suggest as early as this week. But given the continued crowds hoping to score a motion-sensing Wii after the initial sellout, I’m not so sure anymore.