How goes your Master Quest?


I’m not going to lie: the Ocarina of Time Master Quest is kicking my butt. I’ve beaten Ocarina of Time so many times, it’s ludicrous. Ocarina of Time 3D provided my first chance to take on the Master Quest. And let me just say: it’s a killer!

So the question now is: How goes your Master Quest?


  1. Everything was going fine and dandy until I got to Bottom of the Well. For the life of me I just can’t find the damned Lens of Truth

  2. havnt even been bothered to finish the main story, first time playing OOT and frankly i havn’t enjoyed it. Im postulating it just isnt my type of game but i also dont look upon it with the rose coloured galssess that so many do.

  3. Completely finished in about 5 days. Died in the Deku Tree like 3 times though. Forest Temple had me stuck for a bit. I was anticipating the Water Temple to be horrible but I thought the Master Quest version was a lot easier.

  4. Ya Holly, it’s a killer. I haven’t played through it on the 3ds yet, but I have beaten it on the GC. It’s just downright mean sometimes. It took me forever just to find the silly eye-switch to drain the well in the forest temple. 🙁 lol It was fun, I enjoyed it, but I also was stuck quite a few times on silly things like that. I’ll have to play through it again sometime..

  5. I couldn’t even beat the regular mode….dumb Bongo Bongo…

  6. Quick question: Is there MORE than one save file for OoT and Master Quest?

  7. Was EXTREMELY difficult with only three hearts at the beginning, it’s also tricky whenever I run into a really strong enemy, now. Currently stuck (for a month) in the water temple…

  8. Haven’t bothered with it yet.

  9. @EdEN

    Yes there are six slots. Three for each quest.

  10. I beat it ages ago. Had no trouble at all, and I thought it was pretty fun.

    Still haven’t bothered with the Gauntlet mode in Boss Battles though, that’s turning out to be a bit of a nightmare. But generally, it’s far easier than I’d thought it’d be, and anyone complaining it’s too hard needs to get better at video games.

  11. It being my first time playing Master Quest I thought it was great. Some of the hard temples seemed easier, but there were quiet a few of the puzzles that stumped me for a day or two. Even so, it was definitely worth playing through and I’ll probably play through it again seeing as I don’t remember all the puzzles.

  12. I had a hard time with The Bottom of the Well and the Shadow Temple (I kept dying somehow). But thats about it. I played Master Quest mainly to playthrough the game’s dungeons without knowing all the puzzles. It was fun.

  13. Well, I’ve beaten ‘normal’ Ocarina of Time several times, but the Master Quest has the feeling of playing Ocarina for the first time. I never played the master Quest in Gamecube. I feel lost again in the temples just like I played Ocarina originally about ten years ago. The Bottom of the Well was very difficult to find the Lens of Truth and currently I’m in the Desert Colossus. Pretty neat addition for the game, in my opinion. I hope Starfox 64 3D has something extra too. Regards from Chile.

  14. Oh I just have to beat Gannondorf and The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Master Quest 3D 3 Heart Run will be complete.

  15. Just finished it yesterday, now I’m going to see if I can finally find all the gold sketulas and heart pieces.

  16. @Brett: thanks for the info! Been about 5 years since the last time I played OoT’so I’ll borrow my sister’s copy later this month.

  17. I’m at the adult Water Temple atm…I can’t figure it out for the life of me. >.<

  18. Haven’t started it yet, hope to some time.