Happy Birthday, old friend. Nintendo turns 125 today


Today is Nintendo’s 125th birthday. Time to celebrate.

For many, we know the story of how a small Japanese hanafuda card company rose to prominence during the 1970s and 80s to become the gaming giant it is today. Fans and writers alike have seen the ups and downs the company has gone through, yet its characters and products still somehow resonate with the masses. It surely has been a wild ride that the company has dealt with for decades.

For all the memories that Nintendo has given us, we at Infendo would like to know what you believe is the company’s greatest achievement in its 125 year history? Share your favorite with us in the comments below. Until then, we raise a glass to Nintendo for 125 years of life and for 125 more.

2 Responses to Happy Birthday, old friend. Nintendo turns 125 today

  1. Maverick. A says:

    I think when they opened up to the handheld market with the first Gameboy is one of the best successes Nintendo’s had, that combined with pokemon has to be one of if not their biggest success. Their handhelds have always been of high quality. But to me personally, I love my Gamecube.. So many memories and great games on there nobody paid attention to. Happy 125th Nintendo!

  2. Harrison Milfeld says:

    For me, being able to make games that weren’t necessarily flash in terms of visuals but that made playing them fun. I thank them for making great products that took my mind off from my problems and the horrors of the world.

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