Gunstar Super Heroes Review

From time to time, an amazing game is released that gets overlooked. Gunstar Super Heroes is. Without question, one of those games. A sequel to the classic Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis, Gunstar Super Heroes lives up to its old school roots, combining side scrolling gameplay with non-stop action.

Though there is a storyline, it’?s not strong enough to base an entire game off of. Instead, the basis of the action is this- run around, shoot as many enemies as possible, and watch some insane explosions. Now, plenty of games have tried this concept, but very few have pulled it off. Thankfully, Gunstar Super Heroes delivers the goods. The graphics are easily among the best on the GBA, and the constant flow of enemies always keeps the gamer on his toes.

Perhaps the game’?s biggest downfall is its length. At only six levels, it’?s possible to get through the game in a few hours. Of course, there’?s three difficulty settings and two playable characters (though, they only differ in their weapons) allowing some decent replay value. Not to mention, playing the easiest difficult can be challenging for even the more experienced gamers. Yet, the game never gets to the point of frustration. The curve is just right whereas even when you die over and over, you’?re still left wanting to go back and try again.

When looking at the sales charts, it’s a pity not to see Gunstar Super Heroes near the top. GBA Owners, here’?s some advice: find it, buy it, play it, cherish it. Games like this don’?t come around too often, and Gunstar Super Heroes is certainly not one you want to miss out on.