GBA Successor Revisit

Do you remember this article? Back on March 1, CNN speculated that the GBA successor would be shown this year. Well it turned out to be a new model in the form of the Micro rather than the speculated successor. So what about a true successor? How soon might we know more about it?

Which leads me to ask, what should Ninny do with the next installment of the GameBoy? Would a portable GameCube with four buttons keep you happy, or are you looking for a Revolution/DS effect?


  1. It’s the Micro, dude….

  2. The article reads “follow up gameboy” not a new model. But you’re right, the media wrongfully assumed they would be showing the successor.

  3. Anon 1, I updated the article to reflect your response. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I want a DS Micro.

  5. A DS with more powerful hardware would suit me. There’s not really much they can do to improve on the general design there, and the system can’t really be made much smaller without compromising its ease of use.

  6. The machine can easily be made a lot smaller/thinner without comprimising it’s ease of use. It’s just a matter of being able to fit the technology in a smaller space, which I don’t think would be a problem at all.

    Bring on a DS that I can fit in my pocket.

  7. And if the Game Boy Next is the Revolution’s Controller?

  8. I dunno Viola.. I don’t want to have to spend 500 bucks to buy 3 more controllers for gaming with friends.

    When the DS launched (or just prior), before it started selling in high numbers, Nintendo said on a couple of occasions that it was not the successor to GBA, and that the next GB would be out in late 06.

    So I guess once they realized that they were selling alot more systems than they originally planed, they decided to keep hush about the new GBA.

  9. I agree with James comments.

    But I would like the next GameBoy to come out early next year and to be a portable GemCube (that uses the same media, that way the library at launch will include all GameBoy Advance’s games + GameCube’s).

  10. The Gameboy Advance cartridges could potentially pose a problem for backwards compatibility in the next Gameboy.

    Why would it use anything bigger than the DS cards? would an additional GBA cartridge slot (i.e. DS) really be practical… I dunno, I mean backwards compatibility would be great, and extremely valuable for the product but with SD cards and UMDs and the like becoming the norm, the old cartridge just seems too clumsy for any future Nintendo stuff.

    In short… I’d be surprised if the successor has either 2 seperate slots like the DS or it uses cartridges the same size as the GBA ones.

    Anyway… that’s my thoughts. Whatever they do with it, i’m sure it will be great.

  11. I just want to play my old games (NES, SNES, N64, GB, GBC and GBA) on the next GB. Nintendo has to do this… can use the SD-cards used for the Rev ?

  12. Sturek,

    Good call! If it were possible to purchase games on the Rev, store them to flash media and play them on the next GBA that would be an incredible system.


  13. Well, Square already hinted that Nintendo will blur the lines between cosole and portable gaming. Maybe Revolution will be very portable console, with a built in rechargeable battery. If the cotroller has some kind of screen, the system could send images wirelessly for it, and we would have to use a television all the time with it. And as the system is doing all the processing the controller could be a cheaper than a gameboy.

    I really don’t think that Revolution will be like this, and it would need a hell of a fast Wi-Fi connection. But It would be very cool.

    Who knows?

  14. I meant:
    We WOULDN’T have to use a television to play the Revolution.

  15. I guess I can’t see the point in New Gameboy. When you look at the marketing , we always saw the next gameboy being a portable version of one of Nintendo’s older system’s.

    NES=gameboy color

    And of course the DS is a portable N64, so why create more competition, I say just put all the effort into the DS. I mean how much more can you ask for? The DS boast’s just about all technology can give us without being the battery sucking demon that is the PSP. And I don’t know how you could make a smaller DS, I mean maybe convert it to a GB Sp design, but…?

    Oh, and I’m still looking for people who want to chat about all sorts of video game related topics.

    Long live Nintendo!!

  16. It’s crazy for Nintendo to be thinking about a new GameBoy right now. They need to continue to support the GameBoy Advance, it sold like 60 million friggin units! They can easily keep it going another 1-2 years. In that same time they need to move alot of development to the DS and really build it’s install base and FIRMLY establish it as the third pillar.

    When the true next GameBoy gets released, it should not have GameCube type graphics. People are being blinded by the PSP without recognizing its inherent problems.. it costs so much for developers to make PSP games all they usually do is port existing PS2 games or port some PS2 game that never made it off the ground so they can just do something with it.

    Just give it very powerful 2-D graphics, a fantastic screen, the ability to push tons of color on screen, and great controls and you’ll be in business. It should have a moderately powerful 3-D ability.. but I don’t think it would be a big deal if they were Dreamcast level 3-d graphics. And carts should without a doubt be used instead of UMDs or mini-cds or whatever. Handheld gaming = quick fun when you turn it on. Gameboy rules cause I flick the switch and 20 seconds later I’m playing. Loading on handhelds is absolute trash.. worthless motherfucking trash and is quite possibly the most annoying thing ever. Stick with carts Nintendo.. and definitely keep the GBA cart slot.

  17. I don’t think we’ll see a successor for a while, Nintendo doesn’t want to make the same mistake as Sega did 10 years ago when they flooded the Market with systems.

  18. I seriously think Nintendo will stick with flash/SD media for the next GB b/c look at how cheap memory has been getting. I mean you can get a 2 GB Memorex memory stick for like around $70 or something. Just imagine how cheap it will be in the next 2 years and the best part of it is it doesn’t require a laser or movable parts like PSP’s UMDs do. This cuts down on load times, battery power, and the overall physical strength of the system itself b/c movable parts are easily damaged. So, as you see, it would only make sense for Nintendo to go with this memory and IMO it was very wise they did this with the DS this generation. If they use some sort of 2 GB or so memory media, they could easily port GC titles to it but I guess the real task would be getting the GC’s 3d gaming capabilities into something that small. I have faith in Nintendo and I’m sure they could pull it off I mean if PSP can produce decent portable 3d gaming now, in 2-3 years Nintendo could definately create something that makes it look very outdated. I guess the only problem would be how much would this system cost haha.

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