Gaming Genius

I’ve been posting a lot of plugs for Nintendo’s strategic decisions yesterday. While it’s an important part to staying in business, it won’t last long because in the end it’s really about the games (if none of these new boxes played games, no one would buy them. I.E. who wants a media center? We already have one in computers I say.)

Which brings me to some of the best gaming news that came out yesterday:
“The new console, code-named ‘Revolution,’ will offer downloadable access to more than 20 years of games from past Nintendo consoles — the NES, Super NES and Nintendo 64. It will support both a new disc format and discs from Nintendo’s current console, the GameCube.”

No other system can bring that much gaming in the next round of consoles. No one. I don’t know if this can help Nintendo take 2nd place, but I do know that a lot of PS and MS fans grew up playing Nintendo and i’m sure they’d fork down a couple of benjis to have access to all that content. Would you?