GameStop discovers Nintendo is a corporation


WiiGameStop is today accusing Nintendo of holding back stock because it has met its Q4 Wii sales quota. The retailer believes the Big N is holding back stock until April, because that’s when the new year begins and they can thus begin the sales push anew to meet the continued demand for the console.

Let me be the first to congratulate GameStop on figuring out that Nintendo is a corporation, and not an earthbound deity; on deciphering the riddle that Nintendo is not the Robin Hood of the 21rst century, and that it does not throw free swag from the back of a wagon into the eager paws of the congregating masses.

Here’s another revelation, courtesy of me: GameStop routinely buys used games from customers for $10 and then puts them back on the shelf for $40. Do I get to be on the front page of every video game blog on the planet now?