GameSpot revamps review rankings – Is it good for Wii & DS games?

gamespot1.gifStarting on Monday, GameSpot will change their review system. They’re cutting their review scores down to whole points and half points. Games can no longer get scores like 8.7 or 7.3, just 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, etc. This basically cuts their scoring range down to a 20 point system. While it tends to force the reviewers to make a firm decision (this game is truly a 10.0, not a 9.7), I say whittle it down even more. Cut out the half-points and the final scores are even firmer. Or just use a five point system like most movie reviewers.

Something interesting they’re adding are medals and demerits for games. A couple examples of demerits they give include “Slideshow” for poor frame rate and the self-explanatory “Blatant In-Game Advertising.” These denotations could be a lot of fun, as long as they stick to a set list of awards and make it a big deal when they invent new ones.

When Wii hit the market, there was a brief period where angry villagers started to take up their pitchforks and demand revamped ratings systems that fit the vast variety of games coming out. So I ask, is GameSpot reacting to the demands of the people? Are they leading the way by revamping their ratings system? Will they just rank everything 8.0 now?