GameCube Sales Weaken

According to Forbes, “The company slashed its forecast of operating profit and sales owing to the slump in sales of its home-use stand-alone game consoles.”

GameCube sales fell short of predictions, primarily due to poor sales in the US. ‘This is because the product life-cycle of our Gamecube is coming to an end,’ Nintendo spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said.

If you’re concerned about Nintendo’s financial shape, you shouldn’t be. The company actually saw a rise in net profit. This rise was attributed to yen/dollar exchange rates.

Could slow GameCube sells push Nintendo to an earlier Revolution launch date? Certainly, Nintendo has more incentive to see the next generation of home consoles than either of its competitors.


  1. GameCube. I love the little box. But did Nintendo ever do a bad job of advertising it.

    I had a video game retail store, and when it came to the GameCube, it had no demand from clients. I had to continuesly market it and inform clients of it’s existence (when I wasn’t clarifying bad assuptions they had about it; GameCube is less powerfull than PS2 right?).

    Vive la révolution!

    : )

  2. The GameCube also hasn’t seen any big releases in a while. Still, it has a ton of great games.

    I’m just so pumped for the Revolution that I grit my teeth thinking about it. I actually had a dream that I got my hands on a Rev controller and ran around pretending I was playing it. I’m not proud of that dream, but damn if it wasn’t fun. I woke up with a smile.

  3. O.o @ nicholas 😀 Nice dreamin’

    So the GC is at the end of it’s life cycle with TP still coming out ?
    Hmm…I really think the hybrid GC-last-big-title-Rev-first-big-title idea might be an option….

  4. why buy a gamecube when you can play the games on the revolution?

  5. Yes, it’s at its end. They don’t mean end as in no more games or manufacturing. The end of the road for a console is considered to be the months prior to its successor’s debut.

    However, i’m a big champion for the speculation that states the next Game Boy will essentially be a portable GameCube. Therefore the Cube won’t die. My reasoning for this is Nintendo has sed years ago, even before it launched, that the Cube is future-proof and that the small DVDs it uses will live on in other products. Some ppl are jumping on this bandwagon now but i’ve been keen to this idea for a while. I’m not sure how the complicated-for-a-handheld controls will be implemented onto it, but i’m certain this will happen. It will likely come with a flash drive or some other format to- u guessed it- download all previous Game Boy games. I didn’t create this speculation, btw. Don’t hold it to me if some things are wrong.

    You’ve been warned, the GameCube will live longer than the psONE. Let the sales slip now, but no one will be able to resist their GBE’s: Cube in GB’s clothing. ;D

  6. It seems reasonable to me that they might want to use the GameCube disks on a future portable. GameCube games have a lot of legs left on them.

    There are plenty of Cubes out there. Plus, the Revolution will play them. And launching a portable with a solid collection of games always helps. That’s been part of the reason for the GBA’s success. It had the huge original GB collection to build on.

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