GameCube in the Hotel

I can remember staying in hotels and seeing SuperNES controllers hooked up to the TV. Guests could pay large sums of cash to play really old games. I can even remember seeing the same setup with a N64.

Now, a GameCube has been spotted in a hotel room. It works much like these gadgets have in the past, but the selection of games appears to be more appealing. Glen Bayer writes, “They had titles like Geist, Eternal Darkness, Battalion Wars, both Pokemon RPGs, every Mario game, every GCN Mario Party, every Zelda (including the collectors disc and the separate master quest disc), both Metroid Prime’s, both Pikmins, but surprisingly no SSBM.”

At $7.00 an hour, I might be tempted to play for an hour, but my wallet would start to groan after that.