Gameboy Micro

The press is stating that the big N also announced the release of a “gameboy micro.” How bout something more powerful? Maybe soon, but hopefully we can get some pics today. That is if they decide to release some.


  1. Jeez, I can’t imagine that a tiny gameboy would be that much fun to play… too ackward.

  2. #1, you’re obviously too young to remember early handhelds.

  3. it’s so tiny!

  4. the gameboy Micro rules, man!
    but I have to agree on the music player issue; they should have one built in.. plus 512Megs of flashmem!

  5. it looks like the guy holding it in the picture could crush it if he squeezed hard enough….but i definitely want one! i think it looks cool

  6. itz reely cool but i dont get it
    P.S ill probably get 1;)

  7. the screen is smaller! that damn sucks!

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