Gameboy Micro Site

Nintendo has launched their Gameboy Micro site, reminding us just how tiny this thing is. I swear it gets smaller everytime I see it. Let’s hope that $99 price gets smaller too.


  1. I’m sure most people know, but I emailed Nintendo and they confirmed the $99 price tag for launch. What a silly price. I’ll get it when it drops to ~$60. Poor site too, IMO.

  2. I have long fingers. My hands get cramped playing the origional GBA. For me, the Micro isn’t even an option. Also, no matter how cheap it gets, the SP will always be cheaper. And Flash was invented to piss off dialup users.

  3. I hate that price dammit.

  4. Yeah, The GBA SP is still the BEST Gameboy on the market and will continue to be. I had a hand cramp problem with the SP, why the hell would I get an even smaller one for MORE money.

    Silly Nintendo.

  5. I would say that I don’t think comfort is their concern with this product. It’s a style thing, designed to be a cool little item that anyone would want to have in their pocket, just so they can say they have one in their pocket.

    But I’d only say that if it wasn’t priced at $99.

  6. I think a $99 price tag is suitable. Anything less may make customers think it’s a “cheapo” console, made with inexpensive material like plastic etc.
    Compare the SP and Micro to the iPod and mini. The mini was hardly smaller (about 2/3rds size of iPod), holds about a tenth as much, and wasn’t all that cheap compared to the iPod. Yet it still sold very well. I think we’ll see the same thing for the Micro, it is by far the most portable console Nintendo has released, and many (like me) would prefer it over the SP. It has a brighter and clearer screen, customisable faceplates, and blue start/select buttons :P. Only thing missing from the SP is the Z80 processor, though it isn’t much of a drawback.
    I reckon the Micro will sell best in Japan. For some reason, the phrase “smaller is better” seems to always work with Japanese consumers, lol (I’m not being racist it’s true.
    The Micro is sure to help GBA game sale too, we may see another console overtake the PSP in sales in the future :).

  7. I think people would buy the Micro just for the looks.

  8. Agreed, that’s ther reason I’M getting one, lol

  9. The Micro is actully more comforble to hold than the SP, if you notice… its slightly wider than the SP so therefore the buttons are wider spread.

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