Game Contest Feedback

Congratulations to contest winner Chris Kattner (Clu) from Victoria! Send us your full address via the tips form and we’ll get your game shipped out asap. Thanks to all that posted.

So yeah or nay on a future Infendo game sweepstakes? We had mixed reviews of the program, as it may have been the first cheap stunt we’ve pulled since adding site sponsors. Let us know your thoughts.

Also, for any that experienced “not taking comments anymore” error in Blogger (see pictured), we offer our humble apologies. Hopefully if you guys vote for another game give-away, that won’t happen again.


  1. hell yeah

  2. Yeah! I loooove contests!

  3. Let’s do it…

  4. It was great fun & made me finally sort out my blogger account (had forgotten my password). No more anonymous posts for me. Well done to the person who won.

  5. I thought it looked fun, but I wasn’t online at the time and missed out. Would have been cooler if it had been something that lasted a bit longer, to give a chance to more regular readers. For example, you randomly select one poster out of 24 hours worth of comments or something like that. Hope to see more, in any case!

  6. I was quite peeved about being stopped from commenting around 130 or so… but oh well, it was still fund while it lasted.

  7. Infendo Radio, regular poll updates, and now a contest?

    Can Infendo get any better??

  8. i hear ya bildo… i was stopped at 100… i guess you don’t want to post too much… even at 2am this morning i still couldn’t post…

  9. I say yeah on future Infendo game sweepstakes. But am I allowed to win more than one?

  10. I’ve also got the comment disabled yestrday, I was like WTF. But hey I helped some one get a GBA game, that’s what counts. In any case if you Infendo guys have another copy laying around this is Jorge Lares, PR. LOL

  11. it was FUNNNNNN…do more, i was soo close!

  12. I agree with everyone. More contests would be fun.

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