Game Boy Advance, we hardly knew you

Game Boy Advance SPToday Modojo gives the Game Boy Advance a final final send off, proper like:

The Game Boy Advance is now busy getting itself comfortable in its coffin. A look at the forthcoming release schedule isn’t a pretty sight. There are a couple of movie tie-ins and a quiz show, with very little on the horizon. There have been some excellent releases in the last year in Japan, with Mother 3 and Rhythm Tengoku being notably awesome. It’s a shame we’ll never see them over here but we’ve only ourselves to blame for taking up the DS so voraciously.

I’m not so sure the Game Boy brand is dead. In the illogical, delusional world that is my mind, I see a Game Boy resurgence in a year or so when Nintendo “re-introduces” a Game Boy that melds the DS with the Game Boy along with a slew of new features we can only speculate about at this time. They could even call it Game Boy and play to people’s nostalgia, all the while introducing features like wireless, a flash drive, online downloads, and the DS functionality right under everyone’s noses. Or they could just call it the DS 2.0. Zzz…