Game Boy Advance to last one more year

Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime told Reuters today that his company expects the Game Boy Advance to be around at least for one more holiday season: “We think that Game Boy Advance certainly has at least one more holiday season left in it. For us, it continues to be a great stepping stone for five-, six-, seven-year-old consumers to have their first great handheld gaming experience and then transition right into DS.” He added that the GBA sold almost as well as the DS during Black Friday. Only obvious to keep it going. To that end, can we still expect a new Game Boy portable to coexist in a DS world?

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  1. cronotrigger913 says:

    I really want Nintendo to announce the next GameBoy that takes GC discs as its disc medium. And they should make it the only source of traditional gaming in their company. Max the sucker out like a game-only PSP or something, with the same style of control configuration. They’ll then have a very rounded-out hardware portfolio. I can’t see a GB that has the same capabilities as the DS. It would defeat the purpose. Call it GameBoy Evolution or something, as in no major changes, just refinements.

  2. InvisibleMan says:

    And the same loading times, cronotrigger913? Count me out!

    One fun fact about this announcement I found is that wherever it is posted, it is titled something on the lines of “GBA will last one more year”. What Reggie actually said was that it will last at least one more year!

    But what did he mean by the GBA being “a great stepping stone for five-, six-, seven-year-old consumers”?? Is he saying I’m too old to play that? I think that new games like Scurge: Hive or Yggdra Union are too complex to appeal to that age group!

  3. Anonymous says:

    The motor required to spin discs EATS batteries worse than a game gear. Gamecube games were never designed for portability, and as such, lack simple little things like being able to save easily, and text made to be read on tiny screens. There are no new games coming out for it either. The gamecube looked small, but add the power brick, and squish it out to the same thickness of a ps2, and it ain’t much smaller. Two analog sticks poking out of the portable, plus 7 other buttons (8 with START) means nintendo goes back to making a game system inaccessible to those that aren’t hardcore, which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of their current direction. If you want a portable system with slick graphics, games that aren’t meant for portability, and a control layout similar to previous home console hardware, get a PSP. For the love of god people, drop the idea that a portable Gamecube is either feasible, or even a remote possibility. You only show your absolute… sillyness… in doing so.

  4. cronotrigger913 says:

    “For the love of god people, drop the idea that a portable Gamecube is either feasible, or even a remote possibility. You only show your absolute… sillyness… in doing so.”

    Holy Christ man, calm down. It was merely something cool that I would like to see happen. Wouldn’t it be cool to play GameCube games on the road? Who cares that they aren’t making games for it anymore. There’s still a whole mess of games for it out now. I’m just saying that I can’t see a feasible way to make another GameBoy that tries to do what the DS has already done and not chew into sales of each other. So what other way could there be? I guess we can go back to cartridges, but I would really rather not. And your point about battery life is valid, but the PSP isn’t exactly a failure, even with that problem, now is it? I’m sure Nintendo could figure something out, or merely say that the battery will drain faster when using a GC game instead of a GB Evolution game, which may be built around the idea of a battery operated system.

    And forget the logistics of it, I just think it would be cool. Case closed.

  5. Frisby says:

    Wal Mart in our small ass town was selling Mico’s for $20 last week. $20 effin bucks.

    Now they are $60.

    Missed it

  6. Rollin says:

    The GB will never die, and that’s for damn sure.

    Another sure thing is the GB won’t be a portable Cube. A pipedream is what it is. A more realistic probability is a card or cart-based single non-touch screen system, with buttons, a d-pad, one gimmick control feature, flash memory, and built-in wifi. Traditional gaming can’t be exclusive to MS or Sony, and the GBA is taking good care of those needs for Nintendo-centric gamers as is. Invisibleman and myself are well above the 6/7/8 year old age bracket and we love our Micros cause it offers a different play style than the DS does. You can’t substitute either the Game Boy or DS, they complement each each other. What you can do is evolve the traditional format of GB gaming and make the perfect handheld: small, fast (loading/saving), energy efficient, internet ready, and fun.

  7. popdem says:

    i could see an improvement of graphics and (maybe) thickness being the only realistic additions… otherwise you complicate a system that works so well because of its simplicity… (few buttons, durable, compact)

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