Gambling with the Nintendo wi-fi connection

…In more ways than one!
So far trying to get into a Super Smash Bros. Brawl online match has, for me, been a complete coin toss. Once I had people ready to join a battle, the rest of the times no one joined, and before anyone could I was booted. Though the waiting room (where you get to beat up on the punching bag for a few minutes before the match) is lots of idle fun- my rigorous training never came to fruition! Frustrated, I tried to see if the watching-mode worked and surprisingly it does!
The main screen then shows you the participants of a battle (just their character choice, no stats or nickname) before a battle occurs and you are able to bet any number of the coins you’ve earned in other modes (which can later be used to get bonus items). If your choice happens win, you get a double-return! Of course this mode is obviously more of a diversion than a main-feature and it’s almost more frustrating to watch people play online when you can’t join in!
Having said that things could have been worse, I could’ve lost four coins instead of winning eight (thanks Fox)!
Whether my problems are a result of Nintendo server issues, a lack of players (doubtful), or my own lousy connection, only time will tell- but hopefully any networking bugs will be resolved before the US release of the game.