Galarian Ponyta Is Pure Psychic Type – And Pure Adorable

Galarian Ponyta

During last week’s 24 hour livestream even, Nintendo showcased a number of Pokemon for the upcoming titles Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

While most of the Pokemon were ones we had already seen, one newcomer was able to break the internet upon arrival: We’re talking of course about everyone’s favourite pony, Galarian Ponyta.

So, what’s so special about this remixed Kanto classic? One look and you’ll understand why the world is getting so excited over this new beast:

Galarian Ponyta

Isn’t that just the most amazing thing you’ve seen all day?

Over the next few days, Nintendo and Game Freak went on to release some additional information regarding this new steed – and being the ace trainers we are here at Infendo, we’ve compiled the info here for your convenience.

For one thing, the new Ponyta is a purely Psychic type – a rarity these days amoung so many dual types. What’s more, being a Ponyta, we expect this Psychic Pokemon to be quite fast – another rarity amoung Pokemon of its type.

Ponyta’s backstory explains its unique design – Unlike its Kanto counterpart, which boasts a telltale fiery mane, this Pokemon’s mane is actually made up of life energy from the forest it inhabits.

Nintendo also released a video of Galarian Ponyta which you can check out below:

For all you trainers out there, Galarian Ponyta will come with two abilities – Run Away, and the seemingly-exclusive new ability Pastel Veil. Galarian Ponyta’s Pastel Veil will prevent both it and any partner Pokemon on the field from being poisoned, and it can even heal poison status of Pokemon that switch into battle – What a convenient partner!

Finally, a word of warning for anyone who plans to purchase Pokemon Sword over Pokemon Shield – Much like Sirfecth’d will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword, Ponyta will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield. Choose wisely trainers (or just make some friends with the alternate version).

We’ve yet to see Galarian Ponyta’s evolution, Galarian Rapidash, but given how amazing this new Pokemon looks, we can only imagine the evolved form will be similarly stunning.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will release on November 15th. Expect us to cover all things Pokemon related up to and through the release here on and our podcast, Infendo Radio.

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