Fusion Tour Impressions

Since E3, all the chatter’s been about Twilight Princess. From the delay, to new screens, if there are two things the Nintendo community is excited about; those things are no doubt the Revolution and Zelda. So, I decided to see what the buzz was all about. No, I haven’t played with the Revo, but I did get out to the local Nintendo Fusion Tour stop, and experience some of Nintendo’s next wave of games firsthand. Wow.

While the focus of the Tour was primarily the music (which rocked), the small gaming station was the highlight for me. First thing first, LoZ. I took the controller, and proceeded to test out the demo. The graphics are as amazing in person as they are in the videos, and the gameplay is the same old Zelda magic. Something about this game is just so, addicting. I didn’t want to leave. The addition of horseback combat is a huge addition to the game and the boss battles seem to be as in depth as always. Throughout the four hour concert, around an hour of it was spent on Twilight Princess, and from just that alone I’ve come to one conclusion:

When people say this is going to be Game of the Year, they very well may be right.

From there, it was on to Mario Kart DS. I’ve always been a little iffy on the series, as each game always tends to feel a bit different. I choose my usual driver, Bowser, and picked the simple Figure-8 track, then had a go at it. Awsome. I loved it, easily one of my favorite in the series. It had a comfortable feel to it, and the map on the bottom screen was actually fairly helpful. I managed to finish first, though barely. Overall, MK: DS seems to be shaping to be one of the best DS games yet, and to be a great start to the Wi-Fi connection.

Finally, I found one of the girls with the Micros on their belts. I had to interest in the games, but the system. It fit comfortably into my hand, and man did it look good. The screen was bright, everything was clear. The girl asked me if I had one, to which I responded “Nope.I’d love one, but $100 is too steep, especially with a DS.” Man, that thing is sexy.

The rest of the night was spent rocking out to Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack and the others. The Tour was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, and the games were among the best I’ve played in a while.

[by FireEmblem54]