Free Publicity

As many of you may have already seen, Engadget has posted their recent Miyamoto interview on their site today. While the interview doesn’t add much for gamers in the loop, what it does provide is a ton of free publicity for Nintendo. That can only help its chances during the next round of consoles.

Engadget is ranked as the second most popular blog according to links on the internet. They get upwards of 1 million unique visitors per day, many of which are non-gamers. With this Nintendo interview sitting right on their front page, many people who have yet to learn about Nintendo’s upcoming console will now be exposed.

Many other major networks have reported on the new Revolution controller, including ABC, NBC, BBC, CBS, and the list goes on. I have never seen this amount of mass attention given to a Nintendo console. Granted, blogging and web traffic have never been as big as they are today, but you gotta believe the buzz surrounding The Original is higher than usual. Do you feel this is the most media attention Nintendo has received?

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  1. Hmmm….good question….no idea 😀
    Over here most gaming stuff only gets a little bit of coverage when it finally comes out. So Nintendo got a LOT more press for the DS than for the Rev atm…..
    But the DS really got a good chunk of press…

  2. Yeah, I’d say that Nintendo pretty much has the whole internet-hype thing covered. Right now they need to worry about getting test consoles into game stores so that the offline gamers know what it’s capable of.

  3. definately the most media hype for anything Nintendo related I can remember.

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