Forbes Interviews Nintendo VP

Forbes interviews Nintendo VP Perrin Kaplan. In response to how Nintendo will use its “Blue Ocean” strategy to differentiate itself from competitors, Kaplan said: “First there’s this new controller. It is out of this world, literally!.. It senses depth. As someone who doesn’?t spend hours per day gaming, I was thrilled with the experience.”

Follow the link for the full interview.

[Source: Forbes]


  1. NEWS FLASH! Nintendo VP Perrin Kaplan doesn’t spend hours per day gaming!

    She’s a FONY! lol’s so nice to see Nintendo getting interviews and all this other hoopla for the Revolution….

    Compared to the Gamecube media presence, this is all good news for Nintendo fans.

  2. Very interesting , only if you are a Forbes reader. To us gamers there is nothing new.

  3. lol she doesn’t spend hours a day playing games…totally understandable, but the fanboys will tear into her for that. bad move.

  4. Ill give her a break, she is a corporate relations vp after all right?

    Keep up the awesome work INFENDO staff.


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