Finding Wii’s sweet spot

I was speaking with a friend today about how freaking enjoyable the Wii is, principally its controls. He said something that really stuck with me: That is, almost every Wii game (the ones that work) have a controller “sweet spot” that may vary for a given player. For example, it took me zero time to find bowling’s and tennis’ sweet spot, but about 45 minutes for Excite Truck and upwards of an hour or two (ie more play time/attempts) for Wii Golf, boxing, etc before I felt comfortable and really started enjoying the gamplay.

On the contrary, I’d argue that Zelda: TP doesn’t have a controller sweet spot, at least not one with a learning curve or one that produces killer results like jacking a home run shot off that oh so small sweet spot. This application to Zelda would further suggest what has been sad all along: the game is really good, but not Wii specific good, for the most part.

So does the Wii sweet spot exist? If so, what games have, what don’t, and how does it affect the gamer/non-gamer win ratio?

[Message by Blake. Typos and brevity by Blackberry.]