Final Fantasy XV Trailer Leaked for Wii U

Final Fantasy XV Trailer Leaked for Wii U

Zelda informer posted a video that they claim was leaked during a private meeting showing  a trailer of Final Fantasy XV that was shown to a lucky few.  The video shows that Final Fantasy XV will be available on the Wii U and PS3, and is expected to be officially announced during E3.  Now some would say that this is Final Fantasy Versus, and it does look like the trailers I have seen for Versus, but why would they put the Final fantasy XV logo on it (the Japanese writing below the title still says Final Fantasy Versus XIII)?  I am just as confused as all of you here.  Maybe they ditched the “Versus” concept and went with another numbered addition?  Maybe it was never meant to be Versus?  Maybe Nomura is really a troll in disguise?  Maybe this is a fake?  Either way, it still looks amazing whether it is Final Fantasy Versus XIII or Final Fantasy XV!

All I can say is, I am in love…and…

It seems that Zelda Informer and myself were tricked by the video…it seems that it was a fake.  Once again, we learn that “rumors” and “leaks” are not to be trusted, and as writers we all too often get excited to be the first to post breaking news.  Regardless, this is a video of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and it still looks fantastic!  Not to mention that if it is released on the Wii U, I only have one thing to say…Welcome back to Nintendo…welcome home…



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  1. someone please tell me this is square enix’s attempt to troll the masses……

    i mean- it’s great that versus isnt DEAD but…but….

    i need noctis on xbox….seriously.cmon square…!c’mon~ T^T

  2. Hmm… I see this a little differently. First I see footage of FFXIII versus that is similar to some we’ve seen previously and everyone claps. Then I see just a logo for FF XV on Wii U and PS3 and everyone claps again.

    Possibly a closed door update on Versus, followed by brief announcement that FFXV is being developed for PS3 and Wii U?

  3. Daniel, you have an interesting point there. Either way, i am very excited to see Final Fantasy back with Nintendo, and the game still looks awesome!

  4. It sort of looks like they’re students in a lecture or something, but the video suggests otherwise (as does the guy talking). I’m so confused!

  5. You guys realize this is fake, right?

  6. Even if this was real the recent games in the final fantasy franchise have been mediocre they should just let it die already.

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