Fanboys React

Very fanboy-ish, but very funny. Who’s your daddy?

Try the controller out for yourself.

[via Nintendo Now]


  1. One more fanboy comment:

    Looks like Sony was caught with their pants down too:

    The link goes to a gamespot brief that says a small sign at the show said the PS3 controller was still ‘concept.’

    To me, this means Sony was waiting to see what Nintendo was going to do, and is going to copy like a fiend now.

    I mean, they have to right? This “next generation” controller boomerang thing they’re packaging with their $500 dollar system is the EXACT same as the PS1 controller!

  2. Nintendo hasn’t said how the controller works, in order to try to keep the others from copying.

    Anyways, I love that shockwave!! Bill got pwned! 😀

  3. I think they purposely went so far away from a traditional controller just so the others won’t feel the need to copy it.

    Sony and MS are going to think that Nintendo is going after a new market. So, they’re going to try to fight over the existing market. Unfortunately, the existing market was prolly heading for a crash anyway.

  4. yeah right
    nintendo only wishes… xbox and ps3 will still kill it… no matter how “cool” the controller is.

  5. We’ll see Ano, we’ll see….. 😀
    Sony really acts strange when it comes to the controller….
    First they say this is it, then it’s a concept, than it’s not going to change a lot and now just a concept ?!?
    IF Sony really copys the Revs controller, I…I…..I would get VERY angry !
    You know, what could Nintendo do, what could we do ?!? They did it before. they will try to integrate that into the EyeToy brand and just copy Ninny…
    The only question is: are gamers going to buy that copy ? Imho Non-gamers are probably more attracted to PS because it’s the cool thing…and they won’t know who made the controller first….
    If Sony really wants that controller, they will figure out how it works and copy it.
    I just hope they don’t believe in Nintendo’s new approach….

  6. As much as i dislike fanboys(screw dislike I open up the contents of their brain) i must admit this one is hilarious =P

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