Fan-Made Zelda Movie

If you’ve got 17 minutes to spare, love all things Zelda, and appreciate fan made movies, then wait no more. Is that Florida?



    i love anachronism.

  2. Ohhh . .man . . no, I won’t even go there.

  3. wow…um…I felt like 17 minutes of my life were just completely and totally waisted… 😐

  4. It’s not totally awful, but it could have been shortened to about two minutes and maintained the storyline.

  5. this movie kinda sucked … but it brought back some memories of my link days on the 64 …all in all it was barely ok…:) c ant wait for tloztp

  6. Is it just me or does anyone in a Link costume look like a total tool?

  7. i enjoyed it. it was a small fan made film. a few friends got together and made something about something they love. dont knock em. there was some funny stuff in there. long live the fan film!!

  8. It was nice, but what is that song about 10:00 into the movie? i mean i know what it is but where did you get it? the music sources were’nt cited.

  9. It was funny, the store joke made me laugh, i showed this fan-made movie to some friends, the where LOL and o.0, the joke of the thievery of link was great, and most important thing is: Mia Newell (The great fairy) is WOW beatiful…so if you get to read this or one of your friends i’m “”
    keep it up!!

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