European Trademark For Fantasy Life Surfaces, Could North America See It Too?


Level-5 Studio and Brownie Brown (Now known as 1-UP Studios) released Fantasy Life in 2012.  Its popularity was immortalized when high sales made the game virtually impossible to find.  Released near the end of 2012, it has gone on to sell almost 250,000 in sales.  Did I mention this is a new IP?

Due to the fantastic sales, 1-UP Studios and Level-5 filed a European Trademark on March 12th.  Obviously, this does not guarantee a European release, however their history of localizing games does bring a lot of hope to the localization.

To be honest, I had never heard of Fantasy Life until recently.  The first time I viewed the trailer, I was hooked.  The animated sequences are amazing, and the actual gameplay seems to be very well thought out.  The game features a massive amount of exploration, and a choice of careers for your character.

Even if the game is localized in Europe, there is no guarantee that we will see it in North America, however I am keeping my fingers crossed!  If/When it does arrive here, it will be an insta-buy for me!

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