European Handheld Tally

Nintendo Galaxy has accumulated the current sales data of the PSP and DS in Europe. The PSP has a total of 2.4 million units sold and DS has 3.7 mil sold. They broke it down like this:

United Kingdom:
795, 000 (PSP)
1,000,000 (DS)

500,000 (PSP)
750,000 (DS)

350,000 (PSP)
520,000 (DS)

295,000 (PSP)
425,000 (DS)

Other Regions:
500,000 (PSP)
1,005,000 (DS)

The DS knows how to take a hit.

[Source: Kotaku]


  1. I saw those figures earlier today. Very interesting. A little bit of an unfair comparison, though: the PSP came out in Europe six months after the DS.

    I’d love to see the PSP figures six months from now…

  2. Right, i forgot to mention that. Still, though, they were almost neck and neck when the PSP hit the ground running and smashed the DS’ record by more than double. They’re both doin great.

  3. This being somewhat related today I got my PSMa and gamer mailed in a question about his UMD getting loose and falling apart and this being common. They sudgested glueing it or taping it with scotch tape.

    That is the ghettoset thing I have heard about the PoSP and I must say if you read this and then had to choose between a DS and a PSP I am sure the choice should be easy. It is in Europe anyway.

  4. I hate when people use the six month headstart as an excuse.

    When a Nintendo system sells less than a competitor people don’t make the same excuses.

    Even if the earlier release is mentioned it should be recognized as a perfectly valid business strategy, not a crutch.

    After all, PSP could have launched six-months earlier. Choices… .

  5. At E3 2005, Reggie made a comment about how the DS was totally beating the PSP… then says:

    “… but people say, ‘but the PSP hasn’t launched in Europe yet!'” and Reggie says, “That’s Sony’s problem, not OURS!”

    hahaha! I loved that line!

    By the way, Mat over at had made mention about the PSP vs DS thing… He made an awesome-funny mock of the “PSP… portable nut” commercial into a web comic.. only its like “a nut that sucks”….

    He said he originally wanted a PSP because its spec-tually better, but says there are “no worthwhile games for the PSP while the DS is cranking out awesomeness like some kind of awesomeness factory”

    I like that line too… an “awesomeness factory” 😀

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