Elebits and graphics

First, the good news. The first “professional review” for Elebits is an 8.3 from IGN. Ratings, shmatings, right? Regardless, it’s a good review to read. Robert “Big news at 12!” Summa over at Destructoid seems keen on the WiiConnect24 functionality, so that’s another quill in the hat of this unique title. One can bet that Elebits will probably run the gamut of review scores much like the rest of the Wii library, and will probably enjoy a higher fan-based score than what the publications give it.

But back to that 8.3. The bad news. Breaking it down, IGN gives Elebits a 6.0 on graphics. I haven’t played the game yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that 6.0, a low score, was given because Elebits does not stack up to what you can see today on the 360 or PS3 (yes, there are games for the PS3, you just have to look for them. Hard). If ever one were to compare two pieces of fruit, those pieces being apples and oranges, that time would probably be now.

Is comparing Wii to the other consoles in the graphics department really fair? Did anyone ever say they were ever going to be comparable? When you were beating up on a relative in Wii Sports, did the phrase “that would have been fun, but those Mii’s are not realistic” cross your mind? Now, watch this video and answer that question again.