EA Ahoy: Man the mini gear for a mini expo!

E3 2007 smallish version here we come.

I just got done finalizing all the logistics for my travels to E3 in Santa Monica this year. On the surface, the expo feels like a disorganized mess; hotels everywhere, transportation headaches, superfluous appointments, and tiny game booths to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to see what announcements will come and to get my grubby hands on some fresh games (and I stress fresh), but it’ll be interesting to see if the ESA can pull the entire thing off leaving both publishers and press happy with the new result.

Formal coverage starts tomorrow with Microsoft’s press briefing at 8:30 PST. Rumor has it they could drop the 360 price by $50-100 and most likely will. It should be interesting to see what effect, if any, the imminent price drop could have on Wii as the recent PS3 drop to $499 likely won’t make a dent. But a $200-250 Xbox 360?

Wednesday morning we’ll see what Nintendo has up their sleeves; I’m betting lots of new games with little if any new hardware shown. But that’s a good thing; we play for the games and I can’t wait to see Mario Galaxy and hopefully a new, unannounced Ninty title for core gamers. Followed by Nintendo, Sony will take the stage to strut the little stuff that they have at the moment. I like today’s $100 PS3 price drop, but I personally don’t feel it will be enough to push gamers over the edge (at least not me anyways, it needs to drop much more).

Other than that, I’m betting Ubisoft will have a playable demo of Assasin’s Creed which I’m excited for, and I’m anxious to see what new Wii goodies EA might show. It should be a lot of fun, and I’ll do my best to call-in, live-blog, and post my thoughts on both the show and the games throughout the week. Jack, David, and crew should be scouring the net like marauding bears, so be sure to tip ’em with your scoops.

You can catch all the press briefings on the information superhighway at either G4 TV or GameSpot. After you’re done checking them out in addition to your favorite gaming sites, be sure to swing on by Infendo for some hearty news, cultured commentary, and intelligent discussion. Have a great week, everybody!