Dynamic Game Pricing

Although dynamic game pricing might have been a given, sounds like Iwata is looking to continue the trend with Revolution games. Here’s hoping Ninny doesn’t break the $60 barrier though.

Thanks Matt.

[Source: N-Sider]


  1. Heh. I love how the president of Nintendo asked Miyamato a question and Miyamato didn’t even give him an answer. Like he was saying “I am a god! I created the most beloved game franchises on the planet! Do you think I need to answer to you! Ahahahah!”

    I don’t quite understand the system though. So some games will be more expensive than others? Am I missing something here?

  2. Because dynamic pricing is nothing new (there are all sorts of variations from the typical $49.99 cost of a new game), I suspect Iwata’s comments are hinting at something more significant than a new Zelda game being $60 instead of $50.

    I think we’ll definitely see more games that are much cheaper than the norm — little puzzle or arcade games that use motion-sensing in some novel but ultimately limited way. Some of those will come from the “independent” developers that Iwata keeps mentioning, and some may come from Nintendo and third parties. Classic game downloads are also likely to be very inexpensive.

    But we may also see more expensive titles, especially for games that have packed-in peripherals.

  3. I think Johnny’s right…
    Actually that’s a pretty fair pricing strategy, the price depends on the cost 😀

  4. I think there will be a new pricing strategy. Remember nintendo wants to attract new and old gamers so there will be games that are easy accessable (puzzle, party, fishing,…) for new and casual gamers on a low price point (25-40$) and more complex titles to satisfy again casual and mostly hardcore gamers (40-60$) (fps, adventures, rpgs,…)…

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