DS Update and New Game

The Japanese nintendo site has been updated with pretty new blue graphics, and the focal point of attention has been drawn to their new DS Lite page. This page includes basically photos and information with a “hatsubaiyotei” (PLANNED release date) of March 2nd, 2006. Photos of note are the ones that show of the DS Lite’s GBA slot cover. Which will allow you to keep dust out of your DS’s GBA slot without having to buy a used copy of Ecks vs. Sever.
Also of note is a new game without a good english translation that I’m going to call “Think Fast Puzzloop.” The game is similar to bust a move only you drag marbles from the middle of a cirlcle outward- to make matching triplets. Right now the “shunkannpazuruupu” site has very little information about the game, but it will be 1~2 player and it’s going to come out on March 2nd too! So while you’re out picking up your DS you can grab this one on the way out.