DS Steals Popular Sony Franchises

Remember in the mid-ninties when the Final Fantasy franchise jumped the Nintendo boat and we all thought the company was doomed? Well it seems that with the popularity of the DS in Japan, Nintendo is grabbing some Sony friendly franchises over to it’s side. Here are two big ones, From Software’s Tenchu DS: Dark Shadow and Namco’s Xenosaga I&II. Namco’s Xenosaga site features a bunch of screenshots (that look eerily like Squaresoft’s original Xenogears) and Majic Box has a few tiny screen shots and the box-art for Tenchu. The Nintendo Wifi Connection logo in the corner leads me to believe that online stealth murder should be only a few months away.


  1. i PRAY for katamari. i know that suposedly the last one made was meant ot be the LAST. but such a game totally fits nintendo’s style particularly that of the ds. i cant count the times ive rolled snowballs in AC and retended to be playing a different game (you guess which). that is definetly one franchise that should come hang with the big N

  2. as long as it has the cheezy voice acting I loved about the first one on PS1 I will love it.

    (Soldger walkign around)
    “Ahhh. What a Loverly Night”

    (Ninja Frisby cuts off arm and sprays blood everywhere)

  3. all i can say:

  4. I actually read somewhere that a Katamari DS game was in the works- and seeing as how it was so quickly ported to the PSP, I don’t see why Namco wouldn’t let DS gamers have a go. It’s not like they didn’t let Ridge Racer (which started on the PS) go for a DS release.

  5. Tenchu has not been popular for a long time.

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